October 30, 2015:

It has been a good month for the Alan Grey Project and our full feature musical, sci-fi, romantic, comedy film, (renamed) 'COSMIC COWBOY'.  We had two separate consultations with Bonnie Solomon this month.  Bonnie was a producer on such powerhouse films as Dreamwork's 'SHREK' and Walden's 'THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA', both highly profitable ventures.  Bonnie's expertise is expansive and we benefited most from her instincts involving story development.  The story has consequently evolved through many rewrites and is currently ready for a professional script writer to take over and bring it to life. Bonnie sees good potential in this totally unique visionary musical story. 'It's very unique, with good potential and the music is impressive'... Bonnie

June 15, 2016:

OK, so.......after one screenplay was developed by me and a ghostwriter, then run past executive producer Bonnie Solomon, we found out the tone of the script wasn't solid. It straddled the line between straight and campy....while achieving neither. Go for campy was her advice.  Back to the drawing board.

October 1, 2016:

OK..... so it's taken a year and a new screenplay writing partner, master script doctor Toby Osborne to pull the story together. Tony and I spent months re-developing the plot and characters and utilizing the original screenplay and the constructive criticism of master story developer Bonnie Solomon. One new song was needed, written/produced and added to the song list. It's a wild, campy song sung by our alien Prince Remo at the beginning of the plot, sort of to introduce him to the audience.

The film (or stage play) has 9 powerful pop songs. Three are sung by the heroine and 6 by the hero PRINCE REMO/ALAN GREY. All of the songs are available online here, in fully produced master quality demos (good enough for release!).

We will now begin the process of pitching the screenplay to producers and production companies.


May 29, 2017: 

With all musical production work completed, it looks like  the best way forward is to adapt the musical screenplay into an illustrated novel w/music CD inserted inside the back cover. This way, we will have something to offer the public for sale that will, over time, increase the marketability of an animated movie version of the COSMIC COWBOY screenplay.

For now, our music can be heard on the Jango.com internet radio platform.

Any parties interested in investing in our illustrated musical book or animated musical movie are welcome to contact us!

November 1st 2018:

Get ready for the COSMIC COWBOY audiobook, due out  Jan 1st 2019