What do extraterrestrials, UFOs and Country Music have in common? Unless Garth Brooks is an alien, absolutely NOTHING, right? Not anymore! 

Introducing COSMIC COWBOY the MUSICAL – the first completely original Rockin' Romantic/Country Comedy in the audiobook format. COSMIC COWBOY the MUSICAL is a delicious farce about the young, infatuated alien Prince Remo from Planet Vegas; Jenna, a hard-workin' country music singer from Nashville; her manipulative boyfriend/manager; her skeptical, protective father; and her UFO-obsessed teenage brother... oh, and let's throw in a pair of creepy government agents – "Men in Black" – for good measure. 

As of 2017, polls showed that at least 50% of Americans believe in the existence of UFOs – therefore, in extraterrestrial life. Some of the largest-grossing Hollywood movie franchises ever – Star Wars, Star Trek, and Guardians of the Galaxy, for example – are about outer-space adventures and extraterrestrial beings. 

Country music, moreover, consistently ranks in the top two musical formats, according to Billboard. Combining these two entertainment juggernauts, the multi-talented author/songwriter Jeffrey David (JD) West has created COSMIC COWBOY the MUSICAL – the first fully integrated “musical play” audiobook adaptation. 

COSMIC COWBOY the MUSICAL is a multi-voiced narrative with full cast, sound effects, and eleven high-quality studio song productions. Six years in the making, JD West's COSMIC COWBOY the MUSICAL audiobook incorporates three dozen professionals of different disciplines, including a dozen voice actors, a dozen musicians and singers, two music arrangers, two recording studios and engineers, a Hollywood script consultant, two credited screenplay writers, a Hollywood designer/illustrator, an audiobook producer/staff, and a post-production engineer. The audiobook is not treated as a “radio play,” but as a whole new genre, with a film-like soundscape. 


As the story opens, we meet young Prince Remo, next in line to the throne on Planet Vegas. After intercepting TV signals from Earth, he falls hopelessly in love with aspiring country music singer Jenna Lee Jenkins

Remo learns to sing from watching Jenna and soon pilots his spacecraft to Nashville, Tennessee to meet her. After Remo crashes his flying saucer in a cornfield, Jenna and her opportunistic boyfriend/manager Lance rescue him. When Lance hears Remo sing, he schemes to exploit the novelty of the "singing alien." Jenna names Remo “Alan Grey” after her father questions who he is. Remo soon takes over as front man in Jenna’s band – now named “Alan Grey and the Aliens” – and skyrockets to stardom. He unwittingly leaves Jenna in the dust for the sake of Lance’s ambitions. Meanwhile, the Men in Black have been tracking the ET from the outset. 

At the big "tour launching" concert, much to Remo’s disappointment, Jenna is nowhere to be found. Once he and the band perform their rousing musical number before a delirious crowd – and with the tour bus waiting to take them on the road immediately after the show – the Men in Black rush the stage to capture Remo. The alien needs to escape their clutches, find the girl, convince her to leave with him, and get them safely to his flying saucer before the agents, tipped off by Lance, catch up and deny him his freedom and the love of his life, Jenna.


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