Jeffrey David West:
President: Zeta2 Productions

     JD West is the force behind "THE ALAN GREY PROJECT" which led to the creation of the ROCK N' ROLL FANTASY ROMANTIC/COMEDY,"COSMIC COWBOY"  a musical screenplay/stage play and upcoming musical audio book.

West is a singer/songwriter and a 2013/14 International Song Competition Finalist and Semi-Finalist in Pop/Country/Folk and Singer-Songwriter categories whose songs have been on hold for some of the biggest stars in Country Music including Carrie Underwood, Wynonna Judd, LeAnn Rimes, Jake Owen, Lee Brice. The script will include11 huge pop/rock songs and ballads, 7 for the hero and 4 for the heroine, ranging from the hard rocking "A.K.A. ALAN GREY" sung by the hero, to the soft Country/Pop ballad "DON'T OFFER ME THE MOON AND STARS" sung by the heroine.

     JD has had a lot of help along the way including two musical arrangers, one in Nashville, TN. and one in San Jose, CA. (Grammy nominated musician Robert Berry), two recording studios, Soundtek Studios in Campbell, CA. and CTM Studios in Nashville.
Let's not forget about the dozen or more musicians and one of Nashville's premier demo singers, Melissa Duvall, who added a distinctly sweet voice to Jenna's songs.

The task of creating the images of Prince Remo/Alan Grey and Jenna Jenkins was left to French illustrator Alex Tuis, whose resume includes design work for major Hollywood studios. Examples include that of  concept artist on "Dark Shadows" directed by Tim Burton and contributing artist on "Wolverine III".

     Of course, no project of this magnitude would be possible without professional consultation, and for that JD enlisted Bonnie Solomon (producer who worked on the huge franchise "Shrek" and "Chronicles of Narnia"). After an initial screenplay was developed by JD and Suzanne Gillis and written by Suzanne, Bonnie suggested a different tone for the script.... less drama, more camp and comedy! So, with this in mind, JD enlisted a gifted and experienced screenplay writer and script doctor, Toby Osborne, to help turn the original  screenplay "MY GREY ALIEN"  into the hilariously captivating, farcical script we have today, "COSMIC COWBOY" , co-written by JD and Toby Osborne.

From the new name and screenplay to some new and fabulously campy alien songs, "COSMIC COWBOY"  is a fantastic journey into the realm of delicious escapism and is bound to become an instant classic.