"COSMIC COWBOY" is a musical screenplay, and now, the very first  completely integrated full cast musical audiobook production with narration, 18 additional characters, 11 high quality studio song productions  and Hollywood style sound effects.  It is part "Little Shop of Horrors and " part "Edward Scissorhands"  set in "MUSIC CITY" Nashville, Tennessee


     The story is about young Prince Remo, next in line to the throne on Planet Vegas, who, after intercepting TV signals from Earth, falls hopelessly in love with aspiring country music singer Jenna Lee Jenkins. Remo learns to sing from watching her and soon pilots his space craft to Nashville TN. to meet her. He crashes chasing their pickup truck and is rescued by Jenna and her opportunistic boyfriend/manager Lance, who, once he hears the alien sing, thinks he can exploit the novelty of a ‘singing alien’. Jenna names Remo “Alan Grey”. Alan/Remo reluctantly becomes the front man in Jenna’s band, now named “Alan Grey and the Aliens” and skyrockets to stardom. He unwittingly leaves Jenna in the dust for the sake of Lance’s ambitions all the while being pursued by government agents (Men In Black) who have been tracking the ET from the outset. 

At the big 'tour launching' concert, much to Remo’s disappointment, Jenna is nowhere to be found. Once the rousing musical number is performed before a delirious crowd, and with the bus waiting outside to take the band on the road immediately after the show, Remo is chased by the MIB who rush the stage. The alien needs to escape their clutches, find the girl, convince her to leave with him, and get them to his flying saucer before the agents, tipped off by Lance, catch up and deny him his freedom and the love of his life, Jenna.

     That's the Reader's Digest version of a wild romp into the world of the alien Prince Remo from Planet Vegas (made up!) in the Vega Star System (real!) and the lovely young Jenna Jenkins, an aspiring singer/songwriter who lives with her father, Hank, and younger brother, Robbie in Bell Buckle TN. an hour south of Nashville  on the old homestead, a family farm that has seen better days.  

Featuring 11 soundtrack ready master quality songs, from the hard rockin' "A.K.A. ALAN GREY"  and "
I'M A GREY ALIEN" sung by the hero, to the soft Country/Pop Ballad "DON'T OFFER ME THE MOON AND STARS" by the heroine,  ‘Cosmic Cowboy’ is bound to be an animated or live action classic.