INTERESTED PARTIES: Any movie producers, directors, production companies, movie studio executives or investors may request the screenplay 'COSMIC COWBOY' by using the contact page on this site. We look forward to sharing our wild and 'entertainingly alien"  love story with you!

CREATOR:  Jeffrey David West is a 2013/14 International Song Competition Finalist and Semi-Finalist in Pop/Country/Folk and Singer-Songwriter categories whose songs have been on hold for some of the biggest music producers and stars in Country/Pop Music including Carrie Underwood, Wynonna Judd, LeAnn Rimes, Jake Owen, Lee Brice, and dozens of others.The script will include 11 huge rock/pop songs and ballads, 7 for the hero and 4 for the heroine, ranging from the powerful rocker "A.K.A. Alan Grey" sung by the hero, to the soft Country/Pop ballad "Don't Offer Me The Moon and Stars" sung by the heroine. (fully produced audio files available below)

WGAG # 1836762


LOGLINE: After watching Earth TV signals on his home planet and seeing an aspiring country singer named Jenna Jenkins, Prince Remo pilots his flying saucer to Nashville to meet her, only to get signed by Jenna's opportunistic manager / boyfriend Lance, who has big plans for this new act with songs that are completely alien to Country Music.